Go! Read Some Books!

¡Hola Familia!
I have much to tell you, as always, and little time to do so, so I’m praying that my hands have assimilated to this Spanish keyboard enough to type what I want to quickly enough!
This has been my most unusual week in Mexico of all the weeks I have spent here! My companion has had a funky cold for the past while, but just in the past week it escalated pretty rapidly into something nasty. We’ve been to the Enfermería five times in the last seven days (though one of them was for me)! Last week she had to stay home and sleep and I missed a day and a half of classes, which was a very unique experience. Having to study at home and be motivated by no one but myself has been an experience that I believe helped me prepare for the field. It was very difficult not to take a nap. Fortunately, she’s now on antibiotics and some other drogas and is on the way up, so we are hoping that less than two visits to the doctor are in our future! A weird intestinal virus spread like wildfire around the CCM last weekend, and I happened to be one of the victims. The big badness only lasted for about 48 hours, and now only a couple symptoms linger, so I’m very thankful! That brings my CCM illness total up to two, but neither of them too serious! I only missed a few meetings on Sunday mornings, so I luckily didn’t get more behind in class. Enough of the ill!
Last week we watched an awesome video of Elder Bednar (turns out that he’s the big boss man of the CCM, but the authority is filtered through many other slightly smaller boss men). His excellent and quite poignant message was to stop worrying if an impression is from your brain or the Spirit and to simply act on it if it would be a good thing to do. Many people in the Church have come to expect that they must know a spiritual impression is indeed a spiritual impression before acting upon it, but his reminder was that if we spend time worrying about this we will miss out on what the Lord needs us to do. As long as we are striving to be obedient, honor our covenants and promises with the Lord, and being the best missionary or person we can be, the Lord will place us in the right place at the right time he will fill our mouths with what He needs us to say. That definitely applies to all of us, missionary or not, for the Lord is indeed aware of our efforts and will use as as long as we are striving to follow His example. He’s the best!
Because my compañera was inferm last week, I went on splits for one of my classes so I could still participate. We missed out on teaching a couple of lessons so I felt really out of the loop. One of my lovely Hermana friends suggested I ask to be a member present during other people’s lessons so that I could at least get in some practice at bearing testimony and teaching with the Spirit. It was the best! Hermano Candia let me be Guadalupe’s member sister (who is actually his mother – sense?) and it was really amazing. It definitely helped me to understand how powerful and Spirit-inviting a member’s testimony or experience can be and why it is so important to teach lessons with members present. Woo! Great experience.
I’ve been sleeping sleeping in the living room with my companion for the last three nights because one of our roommates was very loudly complaining of the noises Hermana Madsen makes when she’s sleeping (part of the being ill thing). That’s a party. Not really. Melatonin is a lifesaver.
We taught our last lesson with Nacho on Saturday. In order to make our lessons more interesting, I made a little booklet with drawings to help teach the Plan of Happiness. It’s a little bit adorable, I have to say. After we had finished, he came back into the room to give us a little feedbackkkk. Much to our surprise, he came right up to us first and said, ”Hermanas, in all of my time as a teacher here, your lesson today was one of the best lessons I have ever seen!” We were ecstatic because we’ve been struggling to get back into the swing of things amidst these illnesses. He said we did a great job applying to needs and that it was ”¡perfecto!”. Woo! Happy days. I know this is very different from real life, but it was nice to hear a few really positive words. We’re hopeful that we continue improving.
We are striving to find ways to better engage our investigators, so if any of you readers have some awesome and effective object lesson ideas, I would greatly appreciate them. I’ve started keeping the ones I have written down in a book, but we are definitely in need of some new creative opinions! Object lessons! ¡Por favor!
We watched yet another Bednar video this week all about the character of Christ – even in His darkest hours, after the Atonement and before the Crucifixion, he still reached outward to help other people (healing of the guard’s ear that Peter chops off – awesome!). When others would turn inward with their sorrows, Christ would always reach out and search for others who were in need. My comp. and I decided to try and follow His example after listening to that and went to seek out some girls in our branch who we hadn’t seen all day (an unusual thing), despite both being pretty ill ourselves. We found them all super ill at their casa and were able to share with them some messages from the meetings that they hadn’t been able to attend that day! It was a really awesome thing, for they expressed to us that they didn’t think anyone had noticed they weren’t there. Hermana Madsen’s idea – thank goodness for her kind heart! It was definitely a boost for us too to talk with them for a little while.
It’s our last P-day here in the CCM (WHOA), but we’ll be able to use our last TALL time on Monday (6:45 to 7:45 P.M.) to send some last e-mails before heading out! HooRAH! Also I’ll be able to give you all a little telephone call in the airport from a payphone – don’t worry, they gave us permission – so be awake before nine o’clock next Tuesday, Mom!
This work is truly amazing, and I’m so excited to begin learning in a new environment. It will be so odd to head back to the United States! I will miss Mexico City so much more than I expected, especially since I’ll likely never come back to the CCM. It’s a beautiful place, even though it may be a little dirty. I love you all so much, but the Lord loves you so much more!
Much love,
Hermana Burdett



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