Pumpkin Guts & Puzzles

Lots of pictures this week from our favorite Hermana!  Having fun and working hard!DSCN1323[1] DSCN1331[1]

Carving Pumpkins with the Districto!


Elders Flores, Underwood, Nogueira, Dunn, Stewart, Carver, and Sister Heacock and I at the Zoologico!

Here’s an awesome llama-thing from the zoo to brighten your day. If you ever are having a bad day, just look at this picture and think, “Man, I am so grateful that I don’t have to be born in the body of that creature.”

Big news! The Maelstrom (Norvay!) ride in Disneyworld is closing! To put in a Frozen ride. WHAT. We will never again get to visit our troll friends. How sad. In other news, Karl set himself up with a baptismal date – so rad! Trevor is going to baptize him on November 2nd! Woo! We just have to get him to understand that wine really is alcohol and to stop drinking it. Crazy Italians!
We’re also teaching a member’s grandchildren, Matthew (9) and Amanda (5). Her son (their father) is a member of the church, but has been inactive since he was seventeen, but their grandma, Hermana Ruiz, wants them to learn and for Matthew to be baptized by December. We’ve definitely had to change up our teaching style for them. Now we’re coloring pictures, making puzzles, and playing games to try to make it more interactive and to make it a bit more captivating to a six-inch attention span. It almost feels like I’m in the MTC again trying to think of ideas to make our lessons more “dynamic” so that Hermano Candia didn’t fall asleep. It’s been an awesome experience though that has helped me realize how simple the gospel really is.
This week I got to read my favorite verses in the Book of Mormon because I FINALLY finished second Nephi! Yeah! 2 Nephi 33:10-11. It basically states that these truly are the words of Christ, and if you don’t believe that, just believe in Christ. Because through that belief in Him you will come to know that the words in the Book of Mormon really are His – dope promise! The Book of Mormon really is pretty crazy because it promises over and over again that anyone can know if it really is the word of God if one reads it with the intent to know for himself if it is true and then ask God in the name of Jesus Christ. That’s it! Our work sure would be a lot easier if everyone was just willing to test that promise instead of trying to constantly prove us wrong.
We had a pretty stellar Book of Mormon moment with a less-active woman last week too. We’ve been visiting her for a while and it hadn’t been going too well (awkward moments when she told us that she didn’t believe going to church and taking the sacrament were commandments), but just the last time we went we read Moroni 10:32-33 with her. She read it and said, “Wow. That is beautiful”, and proceeded to burst into tears. Unsure if I should put my arm around her or not (I ended up just sitting there), she eventually told us that she knew she needed to go back to church because she can recognize a void, an emptiness in her life. She is just afraid that church won’t be enough to fill it. In my opinion, she’s absolutely correct. Just going to church every Sunday really isn’t enough. Living the gospel, keeping the commandments, striving to become like Christ really is an every day effort. Prayer, scripture study, service, all of those things are required, too, and really, our heart and mind as well. Yes, going to church won’t solve all of your problems all at once, but it sure is a great place to start.
Elder Nogueira made us flan! Probably the most delicious flan I’ve ever had the pleasure of consuming. He taught me how to make it too! Woo! I’ll keep you posted on how that one goes. I’m determined to acquire oodles of recipes while out in order to expand my horizons of Latin cooking, seeing as my horizon right now is about equivalent to that seen through those cheap binoculars at the park that you have to pay 50 cents to use (those ones that really aren’t worth it).
I looooooove you crazy people. THANK YOU SO MUCH MOM FOR YOUR PACKAGE. Also, shout out to Naomi for the Nebraska package – I adored it! Definitely brightened my day/week.
 Love, Eliza


this is alison and andrew. kids from a less active family! 🙂 they are the best!


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