Bike-singing and Phantom Pizza!

Como le va, familia? Still chilling here in Killain and loving it. We’re back on bikes – party! Don’t worry, mom, I always wear a helmet and I haven’t crashed since the first time. And now we get to appreciate everyone’s Halloween decorations at a higher level (it takes a little longer to pass by the houses). Unfortunately, we aren’t allowed to knock doors on Halloween past 5:00 P.M., so no candy for us! We also have to be in at seven that night, so who knows how we’ll spend the extra hours. Maybe we’ll make a Halloween scripture bingo or something. Or watch The Testaments. We clearly party pretty hard here in Miami.
Here are some happenings from the week:
1. Mary moment (our less active with dimensia that we visit weekly): After sharing a spiritual thought with her, I finish with, “The scriptures bring a lot of peace to your heart, right?”. She quickly responded, “Oh yeah! I love pizza! And hot dogs…” She’s perfect. We’ve also started teaching her great-grandchildren (the ones I sent pictures of – Andrew and Allison). Andrew likes to do our hair (he is a fabulous individual) and tells me that I look exactly like Princess Fiona from Shrek, pre-ogre, and that Sis. Heacock is Rapunzel. It’s a good little once-a-week confidence boost that we love.
2. As we were knocking doors this week in a neighborhood near our apartment that we just discovered, one door opened to reveal a 25-year-old woman wielding a 12-inch long knife who politely asked us to step away from the door. We didn’t need to be asked twice! She quickly softened up, however, after we told her that God sent us to say a prayer with her, and responded with, “Oh, awesome! I need a prayer so badly right now. But can I put my knife down first?” She ended up being super cool, but we had to pass her on to the YSA sisters. Hopefully she doesn’t pull blades on them too!
3. Another fun prayer experience this week came in the form of a man named Hersin (pronounced “just like a female’s sin”, he informed us). His dad immediately said no to our prayer offer, but before he could slam the door, Hersin slipped out and said, “I volunteer!”. When we asked him what we could include in it for him, he replied, “Well, definitely less pollution. And overall fewer people in the world. Especially fewer idiots.” I have never had to fight back laughter so valiantly as I did during the prayer that proceeded. After each sentence Sis. Heacock said, Hersin would chime in with a peanut gallery comment like, “Well, yeah, God, that would be pretty nice” or “Everywhere I go I am surrounded by imbeciles, so that’s pretty unlikely”, but at least he felt comfortable enough talking to God that he could tell Him how he really felt. He was awesome.
4. We’re still meeting with Cristina, but she unfortunately isn’t really progressing right now. She needs the Gospel so badly and tells us that every night she prays for a light at the end of the tunnel and for something to come that will help her family to be happier. What she doesn’t realize is that God has already sent us to her house as her answer, and will keep doing so twice a week until she finally gets the point. It’s super sad when people are blinded by the world. If everyone just lived the commandments, this would be a much happier world to live in.
5. This morning I finished reading Jacob 5, and I LOVED IT! Such an amazing chapter, even if it is seventy-seven verses long. I particularly loved verses 22-23, in which the Lord tells his servant to counsel him not on where he chose to plant a branch, for he knew that it was a poor spot of ground, and another in an even poorer spot still, and he simply says, “But, behold the tree”. Santa vaca, I love that! The Lord knew exactly what he was doing when he put that branch there, and, even though he knew it would be harder for that branch, through his nourishment and care, it grew. I hope that I am becoming a tree about which he will be able to say the same thing: behold. Maybe that only makes sense in my brain, but hopefully it gets through to you too. I also loved 39-41, which talk about the Master’s sadness after seeing that the wild fruit had taken over the good, natural fruit. His sadness is expressed in his tears accompanied by the simple question: “What more could I have done for my vineyard?”. There are some of us who have been given so much, such good ground to grow in and have been offered proper nourishment, but we allow the wild fruit to take over and corrupt us. We see that every day with less-actives that we work with and are going down as his servants to prune and dig around them, but this verse helped me understand how devastated our Father in Heaven must be when he sees His children who have everything, the fullness of the gospel, and then choose not to follow it. This definitely encourages me to work even harder this week to find more people! I also really like 61, 70-71, and 77, but that’s a lot more to type about.
6. Yesterday I wrote a pretty good parody to the primary song, A Child’s Prayer, while on my bike. It goes a little something like this:
“Heavenly Father, are you really there, and do you hear and answer every Sister’s prayer? Some say that our home is far away, and I would be one of those people today. Heavenly Father, I remember now, a mission rule I should have followed long ago: exercise daily at six-thirty. Father in prayer I’m repenting now to thee!”
I was a little proud of myself. And am now very sore (I promise that we actually do exercise in the mornings, it’s just the intensity that is questionable)
Both Sis. Heacock and I were a little disappointed in our Key Indicators (numbers that record our progress) last week. For some reason, we are having a pretty hard time finding people who actually want us to come back, but we have made some plans that will turn everything around. We have already begun putting them into practice and are excited to work super hard this week to improve our numbers! This week we saw some cool miracles with harvesting. We are on our bikes for the next few days and have had some great OYM experiences because of that. We prayed with an awesome family yesterday who definitely recognized the Spirit, but they were unfortunately in a huge hurry so we couldn’t get a return appointment set up. We’re planning on “being in the area” later this week and trying to follow up on them because we sneakily wrote down their address and are super excited for that.
Word. I love you people. Have an awesome Halloween! And family reunion in Disneyland this weekend without me! I still love you (but you owe me a Disney trip when I get home). Just kidding. Kind of. 🙂
Sister Burdett


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