Fotos, Fotos, Fotoooooooos

** Editor’s Note:Many photos sent on 12/16/14.  Eliza’s mission had an all mission conference on 12/11/14 and was able to see many of her previous companions and friends at that time.  She loved her cards, letters and packages!  Thank you for showing her so much support and love.  Please keep her in your prayers this week!  Love, Katie

Monsuy 009

Flagler missionaries with the Belliston family (doesn’t the mom – Krysta – look like Jillian?! Her son looks so much like Lucas too!)

Monsuy 010

Sisters Hartley, Burdett, Sanchez, and Monsuy (they’re our former STLs)

Monsuy 011

Sis. Monsuy y yo at the Christmas fiesta

Monsuy 013

Sis. Monsuy actually smiling! I promise, it occurs more than you think. An Elders precious parents made us these cute nativity ornaments. ALL 170 of us. Crazy.

Monsuy 019Mom, we found Santa!

Monsuy 024

This is Maria and Monica, baptized in July and May, respectively. They are AMAZING

Monsuy 026

This is Christina, the Elders’ recent convert! She wants to serve a mission! She’s awesome!

Monsuy 027-2

Krysta Belliston and her son, Drew! She’s the best.

Monsuy 030

Dinner at the Aguilar’s [they just love Sis. Monsuy – that’s why we got invited (she was born in Fontainebleu)] with the Fontainebleu (Spanish ward – same chapel) missionaries, Elders Call and Cansino and Sisters Montoya and Madsen!


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