Lunch with a General Authority, 31 Bananas, and A More Righteous Cause‏

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Hey chicos!
Como estan las cosas? Les extraño mucho, pero estoy muy agradecida por sus e-mails! It’s pretty hilarious how much Spanglish perpetuates every aspect of my life. Our apartment conversations, street-contacting, prayers, lessons, Sacrament Meeting, everything! If you aren’t bilingual in Miami, you better buy Rosetta Stone quick! It’s fun though.
Last week I hit my 6-month mark – can you believe it?! It’s pretty amazing that so much time has already passed and I’m already a third of the way through. Sad and happy simultaneously. Hard to describe the emotions, really, because I still haven’t let myself feel them! It makes my brain too confused, so instead I just focus on today. It’s a pretty effective way to avoid trunkiness. And it helps you more appreciate the miracle of today. And the potential.
Anyway. Spirituality first this week! I finally finished the writings of Alma this week and am moving onto Helaman (still in the book of Alma though… why aren’t there just 1st and 2nd Helamans? Or just one?). BUT, this week I read some AWESOME war chapters! Perhaps it’s the media deprivation again, but I really got into them this morning. Many figurative and spiritual applications, however, especially in Alma 43, specifically verses 19-21. Moroni’s army was prepared with shields, breastplates, thick clothing, the works, yet Zarahemna’s army was “not with any such thing” and were exceedingly afraid! Well obviously! It made me think a lot about my daily interactions with others. Every day I need to be spiritually prepared to answer any gospel question thrown out or to provide spiritual food to others who need strength, and I tell you what, that can be a hard thing sometimes! If I fall asleep in Personal Study am I really showing the Lord how valuable that time is to me? I have now given my companion permission to blast the MoTab version of “Circle of LIfe” in my face any time I fall asleep during study times. It’s been an effective cure, mostly in the fact that seeing the speaker out on the desk scares my subconscious enough into staying awake the entire time! Victory, Satan! Now I feel awesome! I encourage all of you to introspect a little, too, and find a way to be just a little more spiritually prepared every day so that you, too, can come off conqueror each and every day! Kick the adversary in the pants!
Sometimes I get a little too excited, but hopefully my sincerity shines through the weird words. I also particularly loved Alma 43:45 because it states that the Nephites “were inspired by a better cause” than that of the Lamanites and were therefore winning. The Lamanites wanted bloodshed, bondage, and no more God-worshipping, yet the Nephites were fighting for liberty, peace, to defend their families, and their freedom to practice religion! I think we all know which sounds better. Entonces, the Lord helped them because their cause was righteous and they were righteous. I like that. Promised help from the Lord as long as our hearts and actions are in the right place. Also, can I just say what an ultimate example Captain Moroni is in Alma 44 (I haven’t gotten to his later stuff – 46 or so – just yet, but I’m stoked!)! Ultimate loyalty to the Lord and his people, trust in the power of God through righteousness, and peace-making abilities! One last tip: don’t leave your hope being spiritually (or physically, for that matter) exposed to the sharp swords of Satan! Whoooa! (please see Alma 44:18 and the Barats and Bareta video about Mormon missionaries for the references)!
We had an ultimate mission/life-changing week! W. Craig Zwick, member of the First Quorum of the Seventy, visited our mission and basically rocked our world! The question he asked us over and over again was, “So, what are you willing to change?” It certainly got me thinking, particularly after his instruction on faith, virtue, charity, the measure of one’s life and mission, and overall spiritual max-out. He really turned up the spiritual volume to eleven (I hope that my family still gets that reference). It’s hard to put into words all of the things he helped us to realize, but here are just a few quotes or something:
“I will never limit myself by what I think is my capacity, I will allow the Lord to expand my capacity and He will.”
“The only thing we really have to give to the Lord is our will. So give it. You want to be a successful missionary? Give Him your will…. So I ask again, what are you willing to change?”
Also, he referred a lot to Mark 1:17-18, in which the Lord says “I will make you to become”. It’s an interesting phrase. As long as we are willing to repent and change, He will make us to become what He needs us to be. What we can be. What we want to be.
BOOM! He was a spiritual bomb! And he ate lunch with me and few other sisters! It was awesome. And he promised us some cool stuff – so it’s time to live up to it!
Basically, our week was way more awesome in comparison to the last few! Woo! We had four stellar new investigators for the week to whom we have taught real lessons! I didn’t even know what to do! It has felt like such a long time since real lessons! A blurb on each miracle baby: Bart: found knocking (by the way, “harvesting” is no more in this mission, as of Elder Zwick!) – came to church yesterday! We have a lesson with him tonight with the bishop. He’s a bit of an oddball, but we just love him! When we first met him, he told us that he heard Joseph Smith was hallucinating during the first vision and that he had over 100 wives. He asked us what we thought about that. Needless to say, he has some interesting questions, but he has a pretty genuine desire to find the truth, happiness, and the meaning of life.; Anthony & Heather just had a new baby less that two weeks ago! And they want really badly to teach their son to trust in God. We had a pretty amazing Restoration lesson with them, and they are actively reading the Book of Mormon.; and Lilia a woman with all of the family problems in the world, basicamente. She has really sincere desires to find the truth though.
When it all come down to it, they all, interestingly enough, want the same things: lasting happiness, comfort, purpose in their lives, and peace. All of these things come through the gospel of Jesus Christ! That is why this work is so truly wonderful and fulfilling. Because I know that this is the one true church of God. Not just another Christian church, not just an “American” church, but the very same church established by Jesus Christ brought back to the earth again after centuries of it being lost. It could not be simpler. The fullness of the Gospel is here – what a blessing that we get to share the greatest gift in existence with others!
So, all I have to ask is, what are you willing to change?
I love you! Have a happy January week!
Sister Burdett
Next week I’ll probably be funnier.
Also, today we bought 31 bananas for our apartment of four…. and it only cost us $6.18! We have a problem.
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