Aaaaaaannnndd the transfer call result is: stay! In Flagler!

Email & picture sent on 2/3/15. Posted 3/3/15.


We had a party at District Training. Even though Sis. Endemaño and I look a little dweeby, it’s still a keeper.


Also, here is a mounted policeman. Yes, you read that correctly. Ridin’ down the exercise trail by our house. IN THE MIDDLE OF MIAMI. Not the first time we saw him either! I don’t know who he thinks he’s going to wrangle, but it makes for a good picture.

Stay! In Flagler! WITH Sister Endemaño! To normal people, that really wouldn’t be much of a surprise because trainers and trainees casi always stay together for two transfers, but for a missionary who’s had a new companion every six weeks for just under seven months now, it’s a pleasant surprise! We are thrilled to work Flagler for yet another transfer, and are excited for what it holds in store for us. We’re losing three from our district, including our DL and my MTC companion and a chico, but it’ll be good to get some fresh blood in here!
Anyhow, hola familia! Hope things are going well! 🙂 What a wild week it was. Unfortunately, we hit a couple of snags with Mayte and 1. found out that she didn’t understand the difference between green tea and herbal tea, so her baptism was post-poned a week (don’t worry, she gave it up the minute we told her) and 2. learned from our president that we need to have her husband’s approval/support for her to get baptized. So that’s been interesting. But, on the plus side, He and their two teenage sons attended church with her this Sunday (VICTORY), which really was quite perfect, for many reasons, namely:
1. He believes we’re not Christians. So during Fast & Testimony meeting our dear, sweet Young Men’s president, Bro. Stubbs, gets right up to the pulpit and proudly states, “I am so thankful for the opportunity I have to be a Christian and to worship my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.”, and proceeded to give one of the most eloquent and spiritual testimonies of the Savior that I’ve ever heard. I could have kissed that man. Except that would have been totally inappropriate on all levels, but the gratitude was almost literally gushing out of my heart.
2. He stayed for Gospel Principles which was taught by a recent convert of about three years now. The lesson just happened to be entitled “Jesus Christ, our Chosen Savior and Leader”. Funny how God works sometimes.
3. Bishop Fisher caught him in the hallway and handed off both a book called Are Mormons Christian? and the film The Work & the Glory, with a promise that he would read any material he found if Rick would read and watch these in return.
So, basically, it was a successful Sunday. Especially because we enjoyed not only Mayte’s family’s presence, but also that of Bart, Rochelle, Janel, Javier, and Myra (a recent convert’s mother) in Sacrament Meeting. Nine wonderful investigators of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints got to hear the powerful testimonies of our strongest members. It was a good day. 🙂
This week was also filled with many giggle-instigating moments:
1. Rochelle asking me, “Sister B., is that a smokey eye?” and Sister Endemaño quickly responding, “She doesn’t smoke!”
2. Me asking mi compañera in exasperation, “What am I, chopped liver?!”, and her golden response of, “You’re like lamb chops. A delicacy.”
3. After leaving a message with oodles of formers (we called every investigator stored in our phone, just to see if we’d have any who would bite – and we did! Four return appointments for this week!), Sister Endemaño informed me, “You sound so sweet when you leave messages. It seriously reminds me of a cinnamon roll.”
Needless to say, I’m glad to be staying with my companion.
Our ward is finally hearing the clarion call to the work (missionary kind, that is), and we have members lined up to go out with us yesterday, tonight, and tomorrow. Last night we called one of our reliables. It went something like this:
Yo: “Hey Bro. Brady! What’s up?”
Bro. B: “Hey Sisters! Do you need me to go out with you tomorrow?
Yo: “Actually, yes! How did you know?
Bro. B: “I’m in the middle of something right now, but I’m 95% sure I can make it work! Send me the details tomorrow! See you tomorrow!
All of this happened in under sixty seconds. While it may seem insignificant to you, this was a miracle indeed for Sister Burdett. Think about extracting a tooth, but also having to verbally persuade it to come out. That’s how it is with most people, but Brother Brady is always so willing!
On Friday night we received quite the surprise as we [lovingly(ish)] threw down on Ben Reaveley, our 31-year-old unmarried returned missionary buddy, for not coming to church or reading his scriptures. (see 2 Nephi 2:27), but before we left he said, “So Sisters, I’m not making any promises for church this Sunday, but I did make you bread.” Our hearts proceed to melt like an ice cream cone in Miami in July as he brought forward from the kitchen a loaf of hot buttermilk bread that he secretly pulled out right when we arrived. He didn’t come to church, but, man, did that bread make a good break-the-fast-PB&J. He drives us crazy.
After meeting with a recently-reactivated guy in our ward, before we left his home, we asked, “Anything else we can help you with this week?”, meaning to offer service, and to our surprise he replied, “Oh, yes! I was hoping you would ask!” He then proceeded to tell us about how he had fallen in love with one of the sisters in our ward and how he wanted to date her but needed us to “put in a good word” with her. So we, yet again, filled the role of Love Doctors. Fun times.
We also learned some cool Guatemalan phrases like “Mango!” (what you call a good-looking man) and “Papi chulo!” (not going to tell you what that one means) from some nice Guatemalans this week. They want us to come to their house for several hours and learn how to make food from them. We just might take them up on it next P-day (Que chilero!).
We knocked doors during the Super Bowl. Nearly everyone asked in exasperation, “Do you KNOW what DAY it is?!”. It was fun! We did not get invited to any of their parties this time.
I read Helaman 4:11,13 this morning. It was pretty awesome. Basically, after being extremely prosperous for years, the Nephites fall “would not have happened had it not been for their wickedness and their abomination which was among them” and that “because of this their great wickedness, and their boastings in their own strength, they were left in their own strength” All of their strength came from the Lord, yet because of their failure to recognize that, he took his aid away. And they fell. Hard. Let us never boast in our own strength, but always in His. As my dear mother in the mission, Sister Calvo, says, “All for Jesus!”.
I love you! I miss you! Ire and Hare!
Sister Burdett


One thought on “Aaaaaaannnndd the transfer call result is: stay! In Flagler!

  1. Dear Sister Burdett, Sweetest Eliza, It has been so enjoyable and interesting to read your letters the past couple of days. You are such a devoted and enthusiastic missionary. We love you so much. Hope your birthday was great, looks like you received lots of good wishes and we hope ours was among them. Grandpa & I are doing well. Grandpa started another round of therapy at the hospital today. He is still building the muscles around his knee and the doctor felt like he needed some additional help. It is lots of work ( and pain) for him, but we are hoping it will help. We are going to LV on Sunday to a Bar B Q at Aunt Julie’s house. We always miss you, but know you are doing exactly what you should be doing right now. We are happy you will be familiar people for a while, we pray that you will always be protected and watched over. Much love, G & G Coons


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