Pretty Lady and Miss Juicy, Taking Miami by Storm‏

Sent on 2/9/15

DSCN0538[1]Con la pan pan pan!This is the pan that Ben Reaveley made for us! Still hasn’t come to church, but we’re making progress.


A funky week. A fast week. Can’t believe it’s already P-day.
We had quite a few interesting experiences, though that really shouldn’t come as a surprise because I’m serving in Flagler.
We came across a name in our ward directory that had, “Says he’s not a member, but is super friendly! Try again sometime.”, and decided to take the anonymous past missionary up on it – and had luck! The house had a huge gate all around it, and we started to lose hope, but, as we combed the perimeter looking for an entrance, we found a doorbell! A wonderful lady came out to talk to us, and after saying hardly anything more than, “We’re the missionaries from your church!”, the gate was slowly sliding open to admit us! And we got them to admit that they really are members of the church! After a fun conversation, we were able to boldly invite them to a church they haven’t been to in 20 years – and they said, “Well, I think that you being here is a sign from God that it’s time to come back!” We are anxiously expecting them this Sunday.
Stake Conference threw a bit of a wrench into our system this week, because the chapel is pretty far from us, but we were able to get an AWESOME less active and her adorable 2-year-old daughter to join us! Though I have to say, she was not so adorable when we first met her. It was kind of a funny story. Sis. Endemaño and I are trying absolutely EVERYTHING (within reason) to find new people because we are no longer required to knock doors for an hour each day – woo! Now that we don’t have to fulfill that requirement, we have more time to explore more finding activities and don’t rely solely on that. One of these “activities” was to call everyone in our phone listed as an investigator. Which was A LOT of people. These phones just stay in the area and get passed from missionary to missionary, so it hadn’t been cleaned out for a while. After a whole bunch of “We’re sorry, but the number you have dialed has been disconnected. Please hang up.”, and “Numero equivocado!”, we actually found some success and set up five return appointments for the week! And one of them wants to feed us! The coolest one, by far though, was Sara, who turned out to not be an investigator, but a less active who was baptized with her family when she was eight but hasn’t been to church since she was fifteen! Even though her little daughter Mila was NOT happy with us the first time we came over (it was time to watch Dora, not time to read the scriptures), we still had a really spiritual experience and she know it’s time to come back.
We’re still working with cool Danny! He’s having a hard time understanding the priesthood, but he believes the Book of Mormon is true with all of his heart! He loves the Lord so much, and recognizes that God sent us to him to “provide [him] with new knowledge to help [him] spiritually progress” (quoted from his closing prayer)! We took a super rad member with us, who is basically like a third companion for us when we teach. We love him, but just found out that he’s moving out of our area. 😦 He told us that we can still call him to come out with us though! Yeah! Too bad our rules don’t work that way.
We finally got to catch up with Crystal this week, an AMAZING, but hardcore Baptist that we found right before Christmas! And she is SO COOL! She and her daughter, Tyler, took us to Denny’s this week, and she then had us over again the next day for pasta salad, sandwiches, and further gospel discussion. She’s reading right along in the Book of Mormon and has a lot of real intent. She is a very, very religious woman married to an atheist (for some reason we see that a lot here), who avidly studies the Bible, but doesn’t go to church because she just has gotten a strong impression to get out at every one she has tried. She’ll be joining us at church this Sunday, hopefully with her whole family! She’s a huge miracle!
This week I was humbled a lot by Helaman 12: 7-22, which talks all about man being below the dust of the earth because whenever God commands the dust to move, it obey without fail. Yet we, as mortals, are constantly failing in doing the things that He asks of us. Though we often don’t intend to intentionally disobey, we do. All the time. But, we have hope through the Atonement of Jesus Christ. Through His sacrifice for us, we all can be made clean and try our hardest to be as obedient as the dust. I am so grateful for the opportunity I have to change each and every day! I found great hope in the beginning of the chapter, in the very first verse, which states: yea, we can see that the Lord in his great infinite goodness doth bless and prosper those who put their trust in him. How cool is that! All we have to do is trust. So get over your trust issues and do it. And then you will be blessed with greater happiness than you’ve ever known! That’s doctrine, chicos!
We, yet again, enjoyed a lovely and hilarious meal with Rena and JT, some recently(ish) converted people who live way down in Brownsville (real place). They like to nickname all of the missionaries and have been thinking long and hard about ours. Finally Rena came up with “Pretty Lady” for Sis. E and “Miss Juicy” for me. So that’s been fun. We’re still not really sure what Miss Juicy means, because Rena could only define it with seductive faces, but you know. I think this one’s open to interpretation. Anyway, the quote of the week goes to them:
Sis. Endemaño: “So JT, how long have you been growing your hair out?”
JT: “Oh, ever since I got out of prison… So like five years now!”
He also told us that he’s trying to find a job at a slaughterhouse, but I won’t tell you why!
Don’t worry mom, we’re safe. 🙂
I love you all! I hope that all of you are as aware of the tiny daily miracles in life as I am as a missionary! Go read your scriptures!
Sister Burdett


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