Agua de Coco, Stiffneckedness, and Carrot Love‏


Sent 3/7/15


A happy week it was! A hard week, but a good week.
This week. Was a week.
Ben Reaveley made us crazy. I think I have finally met someone as stubborn as I am. He made us cookies, let us try some fancy salt, and then told us that he doesn’t know if the Book of Mormon is true anymore. He’s a lawyer and critically reads documents for a living, looking for faults. He won’t read his scriptures anymore because he’s too scared to find out for sure that it isn’t true. We told him to read his scriptures anyway. I stood on his doorstep for four straight minutes in silence with arms folded, head bowed, eyes closed, and neck stiff, waiting for that man to say the closing prayer. He wouldn’t do it. So I made my companion do it after committing him to pray that night. My neck usually never pops, but it did later that night. Twice. Turns out that stiffneckedness
We found an awesome guy named Carlos while walking through a neighborhood. We ended up talking to him for a solid 45 minutes because he was frustrated with his broken lawn mower, and ended up having an awesome conversation with him. He ended up accepting our invitation for baptism and even pulled some coconuts off of his truck, pulled out a machete, and started hacking away! We had the most delicious coconut water and then scooped out the insides. Into our mouths. It was great.
We visited Hilda again to help reteach her and support her, and she said something that just warmed my heart. After we started talking, she told us, “Me siento llena. No tengo que buscar mas por una iglesia, solo tengo que leer para aprender. Se que he llegado.” (Vease 3 Nefi 27:16). IT WAS AMAZING. She’s so cool. And she still has kept off of the coffee and tea. Props to Hilda. She’s the best!
The biggest miracle happened this week: RENE CAME TO CHURCH. After twenty years of inactivity, Rene finally, finally came to church. And with his mom! He met with the Bishop just last week, and is progressing right along. We saw a lot of big miracles with our less actives and recent converts in our ward here, but, unfortunately haven’t seen too much action on the investigator front. We had a great meeting with a RC, Monica, this week. We’ve been pretty worried about her recently because she started dating a guy who was bringing her down pretty low. She stopped coming to church for a few weeks and didn’t want to meet with us at all, yet we were finally able to get back in contact with her. She came to church for all three hours for the first time in a couple of months and later told us how different she felt. She could finally recognize how much Satan had slipped in to her life, and was ready to kick him back out. And kick him she did! She kicked that bum to the curb! And came teaching with us! And fed us! It was so good to see her strong and happy again.
Sara came to church too, with her little two-year-old daughter, Mila. This was the first time she stayed for all three hours, and we learned that Mila loves Nursery. She really loves Nursery. More specifically a plastic carrot toy in Nursery. And when it was time to leave behind the plastic carrot and go home, Mila was not ready for it. Sara carried her down the hall, screaming “CARROT! CARROT! CARROT!”, during the closing prayer of the Spanish Sacrament Meeting. It was pretty hilarious. And made me think of Henry. Does he ever get a little too attached to toys that aren’t his, too?
Gerry, our friend who gave us two gallons of Colloidal Silver for free because he likes us so much, finally dropped us over the phone. His words were, “I was worried about coming to this point in our relationship” (a little laughter was stifled); we were sad to see him give up on the Book of Mormon, but are glad to spend more time focusing on those who are ready for it.
Mayte, too, has officially dropped us. We had a pretty amazing lesson with her in the chapel with one of her member friends, and she’s at the point where she knows absolutely everything is true and has really strong desires to be baptized, but she just can’t split up her family. Her husband simply won’t comply and she doesn’t want to pull them apart. We love her so much, and it’s so hard to see her go through this. But we feel really strongly that it’s because they all need to be baptized together as a family. Keep them in your prayers.
4 Nefi 1:15 basically sums up the entire gospel, the reasons for doing all of the crazy things we do. It is all for the love of God. We give up TV, movies, books, sleeping in, Disneyland, family phone calls, vacations, jeans in public, etc. to serve missions because we love God. Trying to love him more than anything else. Anything. Because that truly is the first and great commandment. And because I love Him, I need to share this message with everyone I see. Because I love them too. New meaning has come from the hymn God is Love, because when you get past all of it, that’s what it really is all about.
And I love YOU, too! And if you love me, write me a letter. 🙂
That’s only sort of a joke.
Sister Burdett.
P.S. We walked by a man hosing off his pants on the sidewalk (don’t worry, he was wearing other pants). I thought it was the weirdest thing, but Sis. E couldn’t believe that I’d never done that before. I just told her, “I’ve never had the need to wash them like that”. Her reply was, “I’ll teach you how to create the need to wash your pants like that”. I died.
P.P.S. It’s Proselyting Monday next week!


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