I Want to Ride My Bicycle: Crises Averted‏

Sent 3/30/15

IMG_2004[1]Larry the Lizard and Me!

IMG_2005[1]Larry bit me!

IMG_2010[1]We painted a mailbox!

Heeeelllo familia!
This week, officially last Tuesday, Coral Springs West became the first Sisters biking area in the Florida Fort Lauderdale Mission. That’s right. 100% bicycles. Well, plus a few percentages of walking. But 0% car! The APs called us after Specialized Training and informed us that 1. Salt Lake just called (serious) informing them that they needed to sell a few cars immediately and 2. Ours would be the first and that they would be there in 30 minutes to retrieve it (it actually took them almost 2 hours – lame). We also still are phoneless (going on eleven days), so we had to wait around for them to show up to give them the keys. But after that, we were free! And now we arrive everywhere sweaty, but who cares! It really is great fun. We love it.
I had a pretty miraculous exchange on Friday with Sis. Trebotich, one of the missionaries who came over from the Tampa mission a few months ago. She’s a boss. It’s her last transfer, and we worked so flippin’ hard that day! She taught me a lot. We caught up with a really sweet old LA man who sent us on our way with two water bottles each and an admonition to wear sun hats (too bad we can’t). We got poured on and nearly blown away by the wind, but we also found a sick family. Tramaya, Travonni, Trayvon, Travis, and Belinda (black sheep). We also had a couple of amazing lessons with Yanix and Kia, a couple of people Sis. Jones and I just found. It was a miraculous day because we had not one set appointment, but just went out and tore it up. She lifted my spirits and reaffirmed me. I feel much more confident in myself and in my work – life is good!
On Saturday we arrived to the church early for a comp. study with the Elders. On an off chance we unlocked the baptismal font, just to check up on it to prep for Cathia’s baptism at 4:00, but what we found totally shocked us. The protective glass was completely shattered (see pictures). We have absolutely no idea how it happened, we just knew we had to get rid of it. After a few quick phone calls to get approval, we proceeded to take all of the broken glass down and spent the next three hours cleaning all of it up with vacuums, brooms, hands, dustpans, and triple-layered garbage bags. It was nuts! Satan really, REALLY did not want her to get baptized on that day – but she did! Haha! It was beautiful! Her brother from Tahiti baptized her and her non-member husband even stood up and shared his testimony at the end. It was so good! We are looking forward to teaching him and completing their family soon – he just needs to get Sundays off of work (Gabriel – pray for him)! There were some delicious Tahitian refreshments, and Sis. Jones treated ourselves to delicious hamburgers at Wendy’s for actually puling it all off.
That night was the General Women’s Broadcast. President Richardson made a rule that we could only go if we had an investigator or a recent convert that we had baptized there. We thought, “No problem – Cathia!”. She told us that she would be there, but the first talk started and she still hadn’t showed. We sat there for a couple of minutes, torn between better and best. But we decided that it was more important for us to be exactly obedient, so we left and did work. It was a huge miracle because we were finally able to catch up with a less active that we had tried multiple times without success. Thank goodness for promptings from the Holy Ghost. We were both a little bummed to miss out on the Conference, but leaving was totally worth it. Looking forward to printing out the talks and reading them when lds.org finally gets them up. I did get to see the “The Family is of God” video. That was something.
This morning I finished The Book of Mormon! And I got to read my favorite verse, Moroni 9:6, which reads, “And I love that Mormon describes our bodies as “tabernacles of clay”, though it may just be because I like art. But to be clay in the Maker’s hands, we must be pliable, willing to become whatever he needs us to be, and soft. We need to let him wedge us, removing all impurities and air bubbles in order to avoid an explosion in the thousand-degree kiln or life’s refiner’s fires. Ultimately, we will become something beautiful if we submit, or we will become a dried-out useless lump. I think we all know which one sounds better. I took Moroni’s challenge at the end of the book, though! I asked my Heavenly Father to know if these things were not true. My body got all sorts of tingly, and then a miraculous word popped into my brain: “Duh”. God really is pretty blunt with me sometimes. It’s great fun.
I love you all! Shout out to the Rolla YSA for some awesome coloring pages and a cool get-to-know-you beach ball!
Share the “Because He Lives” video with someone this week! And watch it yourself, too! This Easter week, turn your mind to Him – because He is the reason for everything!
Sister Burdett


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