Octopus Salad, Cuff Links, and Miracle March‏

Sent 3/17/15

And good thing, too, because – you guessed it – I got transferred! I will miss the Flagler ward so very, very, VERY, much, but I know that it’s time to move on. I’ll find out exactly to what and where and with whom I’m moving tomorrow (pray that it’s not YSA)!
This truly was the happiest Sunday of my mission, mostly because by some miraculous power we had nine investigators at church. Hilda came (finally) and brought Norka, Xandro, and Xander again; Janel and Rochelle, two of the young girls we’re teaching; Anthony & Heather (and baby Landon) finally came; Jerry; Javier, the son of a less active; and Bart even walked in right as we were singing the opening song! All of them plus the LA Calderon fam. who, too, walked in during the opening song. As Sis. E described it after the matter, “The only people who were there when church started was….. no one.” But then they all started walking in, and all were able to partake of the Sacrament! It was a beautiful day. But the most beautiful thing of all was a voice that came as we were explaining to some ‘gators what happened next. I heard the words, “Hello, Sisters” and turned around, only to find myself face to face with none other than Ben Reaveley. BEN REAVELEY. CAME TO CHURCH. Probably none of you understand how significant this is. Just on Friday we had a lesson with him in the which he told us he had read and prayed as we had asked him to (a miracle in itself), but that he felt that he had honestly received an answer from God that this is not the true Church and that “the Good Lord gave us a brain for a reason”. It was a sorrowful lesson indeed, and while we parted all smiles, Sis. E and I were drowning a little inside. We had no idea what to do, or if we should even continue trying to help him. And then, out of absolutely nowhere, Ben Reaveley showed up to church. In the fanciest suit, cuff links, and shoes. And even showed almost definite signs of progress. I have never, in probably my entire life, been happier to see anyone in church. It was a beautiful day.
After church that day, we went to go see Bart to see what caused him to show up that day (he slipped through our fingers at bolted after Sacrament meeting). All in all, it was an unproductive lesson, but it sure was fun to see him again. Bart quote of the week:
Bart: Hey, have you ever heard of John the Baptist?
Us: Yup!
Bart: You know that Herod cut his head off, right?
Us: Yeah.
Bart: And Jesus never put it back on?
Us: Nope.
Bart: Oh…He shoulda done that.
Dinner at Rena & JT’s house this week consisted of pork chops, broccolini, orange soda, whole garlic cloves, and octopus salad. Yep. It was a meal to remember.
Teaching children always produces the best quotes. One from this week was this conversation.
Sis. B: Do you remember who the prophet was that restored Jesus’s Church?
Alejandro: Uhhhhhhh………
Sis. B: I’ll give you a hint. It starts with a “J”…..
Sis. E: …and ends with an “oseph”
Alejandro: I’m gonna take a guess… Jennifer Lopez?
Needless to say, it was the first time we had taught him, and we probably won’t do so again unless he just happens to participate. But he’s a fun one. 🙂
Sara invited us over for dinner this week and her daughter, Mila (remember, CARROT?), actually didn’t hate us this week. She learned our names and even talked to us! Even though the meal still ended with her parting words being “Missionaries! Go HOME!” (it was bath time), I would still consider it a success.
We had several miraculous finds this week including, Fernando, Felix, Ivan and Mahir and family (specific prayer answered!) and Juan Carlos + family. We had a couple amazing chapel tours with some of them, but unfortunately none of them made it to church.
The spiritual inspiration comes from Sis. Phillips this week, who in a Gospel Principles discussion on prayer, simply raised her had and said, “Worry about nothin’. Pray about everything”. So often we over complicate things, but as long as we place our trust in God and strive to do what He wants us to, we really don’t need to worry about nothin’! But, no matter if things are good, bad, ugly, fun, or whatever, pray about it! Bring every concern, doubt, fear, joy, solution, etc. to Him. I don’t really think we’ll fully comprehend in this life how essential it is. I can promise you that it’s not just “The Secret” of life to verbally express things and thereby, through your own efforts accomplish what you want. It is divine aid. It is a loving Heavenly Father who watches and protects us and listens. So pray, dang it!
Also, Hilda has her recommend to do baptisms for her parents next month! Woooooooo!
But guys……. Ben Reaveley came to church. 🙂
I love you guys. A lot. Sister Burdett
DSCN0967[1]Sidewalk says “We love Mormons!”


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