Little Cheaters, Real Jobs and Miracles!


Received 4/28/2015

Buenas, familia!
Weeeeelll, after a very shocking transfer call last night, the news is that I will be staying in Coral Springs – and training! Again! Crazy stuff. Sis. Jones and Bradley are on their way out, and Sis. Lake and I will be holding down the apartment fort. I adore CS and am so excited to spend more time here, but I am surprised to be doing so! I thought for sure I was on my way out the door! So it looks like I’ll be biking for another twelve weeks – woo! I love it, even though it rains every day now. Thank goodness for plastic ponchos from the gas station – pictures to come.
We had a very miraculous transfer week – so much news!
While we were sitting in Ward Council, our phone started to buzz. We looked down and saw that Gigi, a media referral we dropped a couple weeks ago, was calling! We took one look at each other and unceremoniously bolted out of the room. Turns out that she was already at church with her less active fiancé, Brucener, an hour early! Such a HUGE miracle!! We had a good chapel tour and introduced them to a few members, and they stayed for the first two hours of church. Yesterday we set her up with a baptismal date of May 9th! She is so excited! And we are too!
Also, CERENE finally came to church! And LOVED it too! She brought her five year old son and he didn’t think it was boring! During the Sacrament, she leaned over to him and asked, “Do you want to pass the bread too someday?”. He eagerly responded yes and added that he wanted to wear a tie next week too! They were awesome! We had an appointment with her later that night to set a date for baptism, but she cancelled last minute, leaving us a little disappointed. We saw her, however, yesterday, and she told us that she cancelled because she had fallen asleep watching BYUTV for hours! She told us all about the funny Studio C and the dramatic ‘Turning Point’ episodes and devotional she watched – and is preparing to be baptized on May 9th as well! She also wants to serve a mission! The Lord has so fully and completely prepared her heart – pray for her that she will be able to find a job!
We found a cool guy named James while knocking doors yesterday who told us that he had had a vision of us coming to his house to pray with him a week ago. He’s a deacon at his church and is giving the sermon this Sunday, but has really sincere desires to get closer to Christ. So cool!
At dinner with the Butler family this week, all of us were saying things we liked to do. Grayson, age 6, told us he liked to play soccer. Sis. Jones jumped in and said, “Oh, Sis. Burdett loves soccer too (we played last p-day)! You should play together!” Grayson replied, “Okay! I’m a liiiitle bit of a cheater though.” The whole table burst into laughter. It was hilarious.
We are uncertain how to proceed with Belinda. We decided to drop her if she didn’t show up to church. She didn’t come, so we did. Within five minutes of officially dropping her on our records, she texted us apologizing for not coming to church because she had to go to the ER. We don’t know what to do! She hasn’t come in six weeks (though she did for General Conference and has come to a RS activity), so we’re having a hard time determining how to move forward. Hopefully the Spirit will point us in the right direction soon!
During my personal study this morning, everything was turned unintentionally to the Savior. 2 Nephi 22: 2-3, when Isaiah is quoted, were a couple of my favorite verses. As well as 2 Tim. 4: 17-18 and 2 Tim. 3:11-12. Really the central theme of it all was that He truly is there, every single step of the journey. He has felt and experienced it all. He understands. All we have to do is accept his hand that is outstretched, and he will lift us to higher things. I connected hard when rereading Elder Holland’s talk from Conference. He said, “Jesus Christ, the Only Begotten Son of God, suffered, died, and rose from death in order that He could, like lightening in a summer storm, grasp us as we fall, hold us with His might, and through our obedience to His commandments, lift us to eternal life”. What a powerful statement filled with such simple truth. Take His hands.
I LOVE YOU! Pray for my new missionary!
Sister Burdett


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