Knock, Knock

(Received 6/29/15)


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Another wild week! Well, really, every week is wild, but at least it’s always new fresh and exciting things!
Really quickly, some housekeeping things:
I was sent this from the President: from Sister Garrett: Mail from home should no longer be sent to the Mission Office, as it will no longer be forwarded to your individual apartments/houses. In your email to your family this week, please give them your apartment/house address and ask them to begin sending your mail and packages directly to you. Please also advise them to stop all mail 12 days before each transfer, as you will not know if you will be transferred or not. The next transfer date is July 22 so they should not mail you any letters or packages after July 10, to insure delivery before Transfers. It will be your responsibility to give your family your new address after each transfer, via your weekly email. Your parents will receive an email this week stating all this and they will be given a Transfer Schedule for the next year. If you have any questions please call Sister Garrett in the Mission Office.
So, just in case you didn’t receive the above-stated e-mail, now you know! The address at which I am living is:
Sister Eliza Burdett
2051 Hilmoor Drive #209A
Port St. Lucie, FL 34952
If you’d like to send me some mail or something that’d be cool. 🙂
Also, this Sunday the Stuart ward was split! Meaning that I will now be working in the brand new Port St. Lucie Branch! Some of the recent converts are having some difficulty adjusting to the change, but we are glad because all of them will be under our wing in the new branch (we only lost a small portion of our former area).
We had some good finding this week! We knocked doors for at least a solid fifteen hours this week. Unfortunately, none of it turned into investigators at Sacrament meeting, but we now have some potentials with whom we are working. We found a cute little family, who, when we came back the next day to teach them, had invited their friends over to hear the lesson as well! We ended up teaching Tiffany & Justin and Kayla & Steve all together and had quite the Restoration discussion. Both Tiffany and Kayla said that they were ‘feeling chills’ (lol, the SPIRIT) during the whole lesson, but especially so when we read the First Vision. We were so very grateful to finally see some fruits this week and to have the opportunity to share our testimonies with others. Unfortunately Tiffany is facing a lot of opposition from her pastor and other friends, so she’s a little wary about moving forward, but she trusts what she felt and what she has learned from us. We are planning on meeting with her and her sister this week and pray that she will be able to feel the Spirit again.


Our apartment dwellers!                                SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES

We also had a great experience after absolutely everything had fallen through and we had knocked doors for several hours that day. We were left with about 40 minutes to work. After knocking on a recent convert’s door only to realize that he was at work, we decided to just OYM in the complex. We saw what we thought was a family sitting outside and chose to talk to them. What happened was pretty amazing! Turns out that one of the women’s boyfriend had just been shot and killed on Father’s day and they had just been discussing the very questions that the Book of Mormon clarify: What is waiting for us after this life?; Why do bad things happen to good people?; etc. They both asked us for a Book of Mormon to which we gladly handed them over with Plan of Salvation pamphlets. I am so very grateful for the knowledge that has been restored about the purpose of this life and the next.
Much of my study this week has been centered on humility, an attribute that I am striving to develop. True to the Faith’s definition was awesome: “to recognize gratefully your dependence on the Lord – to understand that you have constant need for His support…it is an indication that you know where your true strength lies. You can be both humble and fearless”. Preach my Gospel also has a great section entitled, “How can you recognize pride in yourself?” (humility and pride are opposites, so I enjoyed studying this not only to try to identify pride in myself, but to try and find indicators of humility as well), and several scriptures listed below. The one with which I connected the most was 1 Nephi 15:7-11 in the which Nephi asks his brothers the powerful question, “Have you inquired of the Lord?”. Whenever we are struggling in any form, He is there, waiting to help. All we have to do is ask! So stop being prideful and do it! 🙂
I love you!
Sister Burdet


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