Lychee and Big Change!

DSCN1096A Cool Ceramic Chair and the Happiest Apartment on Earth!

(Received 6/9/15)

We had a big transfer surprise last night: Coral Springs is getting WHITE-WASHED. In missionary lingo, that means both Sister Gailey and I will be leaving the area tomorrow! Crazy! She is transferring across the hall to the Spanish ward that meets in our building and will finish her training there with Sister Lake! It’s absolutely wild – we were floored! I am so sad to be leaving her. We have learned and experienced SO MUCH together! But I know that this is the will of the Lord and am looking forward to see what He has in store for us to move this work forward. I found out that I’ll be seeing a lot of my old companions at the meeting, so I’m excited for a miniature reunion! It will be so hard to leave Cerene and many others behind, but I trust that the Lord will put them in good hands so they can continue to spiritually progress.
In other news, we finally got to follow up with a referral from our ZLs last night named Latisha. She has such an amazing story! After being in a pretty severe car accident in march with her two small children and nephew, she has been looking to get closer to God ever since. She is preparing for baptism later this month! She’s so cool and has really great hair.
Also, on the same night, we met a girl while knocking doors that we are 99% sure is possessed. In the moment, the Spirit gave me a whole lot of confidence and I had no fear, but after we left the house, He definitely let me know that was not a good place. God protects us!
DSCN1106Sister Gailey trying Lychee for the first time!  So Good!This week we helped a member clean her grout in her kitchen and were rewarded with delicious Swedish pancakes (don’t be fooled, they’re just thick crepes) with cookie butter, fresh lychee, and marriage advice! So that was fun.
We spent two days in Pembroke Pines last week, working our STL’s area with them. It was quite the learning experience and I got to break out my biking legs again! We biked thirty miles in a day. It was AWESOME! And filled with gnats. I love having the opportunity to work with other missionaries and to get new ideas on how to more effectively, efficiently, and creatively do the work. #inspired
We also had a crazy experience with our Assistant Ward Mission Leader, Bro. Halas an ex-college football player gone personal trainer (in his SIXTIES), as we were visiting his neighbor, Irmgard. He had just met her a little while ago as he was walking his dog, and had had a pretty friendly and positive interaction with her. But, when we went over with him later on, she was extremely emotional and going through a very rough time. God’s timing really is incredible and perfect, and she gladly accepted the Plan of Salvation in her search for answers. Unfortunately, her husband told us pretty sternly that we wouldn’t be welcomed back at their house, but we know that Irmgard’s heart was touched. We hope that the new sisters will be able to find a way to keep teaching her!
As I read in Mosiah last week, I noticed something interesting. After going through pretty severe hardships and being in bondage, Alma and his people are able to pull out on top “and the Lord did pour out his Spirit‍ upon them, and they were blessed, and prospered in the land” (Msh 25:24). Yet, the next chapter starts out with a description of how hardened the hearts of the rising generation had become! While the church had seen great success, they had not remained balanced and began to lose the most important part of God’s people – those who would be the next leaders and instructors! What a good reminder for me it was to remain balanced in all things. Particularly in missionary work, not forgetting the welfare of the members of the ward, but also in normal life. We cannot forget those around us as we deal with the many problems we face. Likewise, we must make sure that we are strong and on a good foundation before we focus completely on others. As long as we remain balanced in all things, then His work and plan can continually progress. It coincided really well with Elder Zeballos’s talk, “If You Will Be Responsible”, whose main message was about learning our duty, making the decision, acting accordingly, and willingly accepting the Father’s will. Do it! Like Nike.
I will miss this place, but am excited to see a revamp for the area! I love you! It was so good to hear from all of you this week!
Sister Burdett


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