Then Why Should I Fear?

(Received 6/15/15)

P1020685The last of Sis. Burdett and Sis. Gailey. We decided to get matching shirts. These gems came from Wal-mart and say “Everyday Struggle” up the side. We thought they were pretty fitting.

Sorry to leave you in the dark about to where I transferred! Here’s the low down: I only knew where Sis. Gailey was going because she was just transferring across the hall (staying in the same apartment). They told her that on the phone call so she wouldn’t have to bring her stuff all the way to transfer meeting. So, all I knew about myself was that I was leaving, but I didn’t know to where I was going yet.
BUT, now that I have arrived, I can tell you! I am currently serving in Stuart North, in the most northern zone of the mission. And you know what North means: English and white people. But in even greater quantities than Coral Springs! It’s redeeming factor in that aspect is that there is translation in Sacrament meeting for the few members who are more comfortable in Spanish, so if we find any Latins, I can teach them!! Hallelujah! Now we just need to find some. 🙂 We actually cover Port St. Lucie and Jensen Beach. It’s a huge area from the everglades on the west side to the ocean on the east. I am serving with Sister Clegg, an awesome English-speaking missionary from Portland. Sorry I don’t have a picture of her yet to include! I will repent soon. We have been assigned to serve as Sister Training Leaders, which will mean that we’ll be going on a couple of exchanges with those in our sisterhood each week. It entails more planning, accounting, and worrying then I’ve probably ever experienced, but it’s also a whole lot of fun. I felt a little like a deer in the headlights for the first couple of days, but now I’m acclimating well and absolutely loving it!


New Companionships in St. Lucia SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES

DSCN1124[1]Yes, this picture isn’t that great and was taken out of the car window, but, gosh, it is BEAUTIFUL here! I wanted to give you just a little taste!

Another perk is that I now get to attend our Mission Leadership Conferences in the which we plan and prepare to train the rest of the mission. This month’s was pretty special – Elder Soares (presidency of the Seventy) and Elder Thompson (of the Seventy) came and trained us on commitment and goal setting. It was a powerful spiritual experience and I walked away with many new ideas for study topics, better understanding of the many lessons my mission has been teaching me, and increased motivation to reach my goals. I never recognized how powerful correct goal-setting can be. If we want to progress and become better, we must work toward specific objectives. Since then I’ve started developing many more plans to help myself improve and to make sure I don’t forget anything. Planning’s the best!
We have been hitting the streets hard and are searching for those elect like CRAZY! We knock doors for hours every day and are trying to keep it fresh by trying new ideas and approaches. Satan is trying hard to discourage us, but just last night we were able to find a family that let us into their home to teach them about the Restoration. We also lent a guy a Book of Mormon and told him that we would be back in a few days to “pick it up” and see how his reading went. Additionally, we accidentally knocked into a member who had just had her appendix removed last week! She and her husband gave us a few referrals! God really is so perfectly mindful of all of us. It was a miraculous evening and gave us hope after a pretty exhausting week.
The ward is pretty interesting and is actually fairly large – about 200+ people attend weekly. It’s comprised mostly of older people, but there are a handful of younger families to that keep the ward pretty balanced. Just in the last few months there have been several recent converts, most of whom I have now met. I’m excited to keep the momentum going in the ward and to keep building the kingdom here.
A sentence to ponder from our last District Training: “What we do depends on how we feel about what we know.”
This week I read “The Lord is My Light” by Elder Quentin L. Cook from last Conference. Here are a couple of quotes that I loved.
“Like the young sunflower, when we follow the Savior of the world, the Son of God, we flourish and become glorious despite the many terrible circumstances that surround us.” “Brothers and sisters, if we faithfully have family prayer,scripture study, family home evening, priesthood blessings, and Sabbath day observance, our children will know what time it is at home. They will be prepared for an eternal home in heaven, regardless of what befalls them in a difficult world. It is vitally important that our children know they are loved and safe at home.”
As we focus our eyes and our lives on the Savior, we become everything He intends us to be no matter where we are or in what point of life we are. I also loved the second quote because we are promised that our families will be prepared to be an eternal family as we do what God, through His prophets, asks of us. What a blessing it was to be raised in the home I was! Now it is my responsibility to help others enjoy the same blessings. I am so thankful to be serving here with Sis. Clegg! She has already been such a blessing to me and is teaching me so well. I can feel myself learning and growing and I love it.
I love you!
Sister Burdett


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