Happy Birthday America!

Received July 6, 2015

Sister Clegg and I! 7.6.15Sister Clegg and I!Larry fed us dinner this week! 7.6.15 7.6.15

Larry fed us dinner this week!

Only the STRONG survive in Stuart 7.6.15

It’s true! Only the STRONG survive in Stuart!

Hola familia!

       This week Larry decided that he wanted to feed us breakfast and dinner on the same day, even though after our last dinner with us he told us that he wasn’t going to do any more meals with missionaries. He was all excited to show me his old, out of tune, upright piano in the garage, and I was all excited to jam. We had fun singing and playing, even if the veil is progressively getting thicker and I can only really remember how to play one song (Bruno Mars para siempre). Lemon Ricotta pancakes + homemade chicken wings = good eats. See attached picture for expression of joy.
       We had a huge miracle named Jay this week. He was a former investigator who actually was baptized last year, but never was confirmed a member nor did he receive the gift of the Holy Ghost. He therefore needs to be retaught and re-baptized. It’ll be an interesting process. Jay has been trying for years and years to get away from the street life, but he has fallen over and over again back into it. We think that now is his time though. He has top and bottom grills. He is covered in tattoos. He has fancy lines shaved into his head. And, my goodness, can he recognize the spirit. He is striving hard to be an example for his wayward children because he doesn’t want them to end up like him, and showed up to church despite some pretty heavy adversity thrown his way. He brought two of his daughters and his son, all wearing their Sunday best. Needless to say, it was a happy day after weeks of several committed to church and several no-shows. The ward was all over him (in a good way), and many members did an excellent job fellowshipping even when we didn’t ask! We were glowing.
        This week was absolutely full to the brim with exchanges! Two in Ft. Pierce, one in Royal Palm, and a blitz in Sebastian, in addition to MLC and our other normal meetings – so many hours outside of our area! I love having the opportunity to work with other missionaries. While in Ft. Pierce with Sis. Matheson, we met Milo Carvia (sp?), GHOST HUNTRESS. Apparently she has a TV show! And is a horror writer. And psychic medium. We had a nice discussion with her about spiritual gifts and the Plan of Salvation. She told us that we had good spirits around us and that we attracted them. Thank goodness! During that exchange we also taught Gregor, a man Sis. Clegg and I had found just the other day. We knocked on his door and offered to share a message about Jesus Christ and that His Church and Gospel had been restored to the earth, to which he replied, “No thanks. You’re at the wrong place”. We gave him a card and testified, and then walked down his driveway completely unfazed (I’m pretty sure that I could get rejected for 24 hours straight and not even blink an eyelash (well, that’s not true, I would probably blink a lot in a 24-hour period, but I hope you get my point)). He went back inside his house, but a few seconds later ran out and called to us saying, “OKAY! I want to hear what you have to say!”, and shouted his phone number, address, and name across the street at us. Our return appointment happened during our exchange, but he ended up just trying to tell us that it was impossible for us to know their was a God if we’ve never seen Him or heard His voice. All in all, the lesson was pretty sad because he questioned everything we said, even when our words were backed up with scripture. He just seemed so lost spiritually and really had no peace because of the many questions and doubts that filled his mind. When we left, he asked us to pray that he would one day be able to understand our point of view and that his mind would change. The request really surprised us, but we know that he knows there is a God who answers prayers but that he is afraid to have faith.
            This experience, along with many others this week, reminded me of the clarity and simplicity of gospel truths. Through the Restoration of Gospel of Jesus Christ, all doctrinal truths that Christ taught have once again been brought to the earth in their purest form. God is not a God of confusion or doubt. “That which of God is light; and he that receiveth light, and continueth in God, receiveth more light; and that light groweth brighter and brighter until the perfect day…and I say it that you may know the truth, that you may chase darkness from among you” (D&C 50:24-25). God does not want us to be confused or lost in darkness, but desires that we can chase the darkness from us. Christ also states that “the light of the body is the eye” and promises that “if therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light” (Matthew 6:22). If our one focus is our Heavenly Father, we will be filled with light. We must dedicate our lives to Him and share this light with others.
         I love you! Read your scriptures!
     Sister Burdett

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