Knock, Knock

Received 7/21/15

DSCN1201[1]Patti! Also baptized in May. She is the quirkiest and most hilarious woman.

DSCN1199[1]Darrell! He was baptized in May.

DSCN1200[1]Larry! Baptized in April.

A crazy transfer surprise happened – I will be leaving Port St. Lucie! I am so sad to go – this was the area that I loved the fastest. Oddly enough it also will be the area in the which I spend the least amount of time. I’ll get a new mailing address to you next week when I find out where I will be, but in the meantime, no more letters to the St. Lucie address please! 🙂
I am so sad to be leaving Sister Clegg – I think of all of my companions I have learned the most from her. I think that’s probably a good thing, though, because I guess it means I haven’t plateaued (which is the enemy)! But tomorrow I will find out where I will be going – off to new adventures (hopefully in Miami!!!)!
We had an AMAZING lesson yesterday with a beautiful little family we found Sunday night. Hector, the father, has been striving hard to keep his family together. He has many problems that he is trying to overcome, but they are slowly dragging he and his wife apart. He knew that God really sent us to him and he has begun to prepare for baptism in this upcoming month of August. His wife understands very little English and he understands very little Spanish, so it’s a bit of an odd relationship. We were able to teach their whole family (they have the three cutest little girls! almost as cute as emily, mollie, and I – lol jokes). The wife told me in Spanish that she has tried every option to make their marriage work and is almost down to the end of the line. She said that she isn’t necessarily interested in being baptized herself, but that if it would help him she is all for it. We know that God really has prepared their hearts! I pray that the new missionary that comes here will take good care of them!
We also had a pretty amazing with Trisha, a single mom we met a while ago. We misunderstood a text that she had sent a while ago and thought that she wasn’t interested in meeting with us, but recently the Spirit prompted us to give her a call – thank goodness for His guidance! She truly is amazing and has been really humbled by her circumstances as well, but her love for God and her family are strong and she, too, is preparing for baptism.
While meeting with Adam (recent convert) this week, he started talking about how one day we’ll all be able to see each other in the Celestial Kingdom one day with all of “his Sisters in Christ” (that’s what he likes to call the missionaries). He said, “We’ll all be there together and we’re going to party like….like it’s 2016! It’ll be a HEAVENLY PARTY!” He is absolutely hilarious. During our lesson something we said reminded him of a Billy Joel song, and he started to sing it. We thought he was just going to sing a couple of lines, so we chuckled and kept talking about the scriptures, but he just kept on singing until he had sang the entire song! He really got into it. It was great! This morning he called me on the phone in tears because I was transferring. I really do love this branch! So many recent converts here are progressing towards the next ordinance so well. I’ll be glad to hear about them when they come to fruition.
While finding this week, we had some pretty funny responses:
1. *knock*knock* – door opens
Man on phone: “I’m on the phone”
Us: “Okay! We’ll we’re your missionaries and God sent us to share a prayer with you to help you come even closer to him!”
Man on phone: “Well, I’m on the phone with God right now and He just told me that I’m good! Bye!”
We burst into laughter before he could even close the door.
2. *knock*knock* – door opens
Us: “Hi! We’ll we’re your missionaries and God sent us to share a prayer with you to help you come even closer to him!”
Lady: “Oh, honey, all of these people always come to my door, but they don’t know that I have an ALARM! You can’t knock my door if I have AN ALARM! I don’t understand!”
Me: “Oh! We didn’t know that you had an alarm!
Lady: “Oh, I know, it’s because you’re YOUNG.
Me: “Well….okay! Can we give you a card?”
Lady: “Oh, they ALWAYS put things like that on my door, but they can’t do that – I have an ALARM!”
Needless to say, I think this woman may have been just a bit deceived by her security system salesman. I’m not sure if there’s an alarm that prevents people from knocking on the door…
It was a great week.
This morning I was reading in 2 Peter 1(4-13) and it was AMAZING. I love that in verse 4 it says that we are promised to be “partakers of divine nature” (see D&C 93:28) – we truly are children of our Heavenly Father and are promised that as we live as He asks, we will inherit all He has to offer and one day even become like He! But, this inheritance is conditional on our development of Christlike attributes mentioned in 5-7 (interesting that they are the same listed in D&C 4 as qualifications for the work – and that six of the nine attributes listed in Preach My Gospel ch.6 are specifically covered). What an awesome promise it ends in though: “for if ye do these things, ye shall never fall” (10). And the scriptures are there to keep reminding us of it all over and over (12-13)! God is Good. A favorite line in PMG says, “You need to be a Christlike missionary, not just do missionary things”.
Sister Burdett

DSCN1189[1]Our cute little Stuart District.

DSCN1190[1]The World (In)Famous Mikata Buffett!


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