Miracle Martes!

Received 7/13/15

IMG_0399[1]I live where you vacation!

We found James, a sweet man who ran back outside after we left to give us Coca Colas, this week! We said a powerful prayer with him, but weren’t too sure if we were going to go back to teach. Yet, the Spirit gave us a little nudge a couple of nights later and we stopped by to teach him the Restoration. Basically, the lesson was powerful and the truth of it rang through to him resulting in questions like: “Have you been touched? (meaning did we receive the priesthood through the laying on of hands) Because if you have, will you baptize me right now?”. Don’t worry, we didn’t do it. We aren’t apostate. While the understanding wasn’t perfect, he truly did feel the Spirit. After explaining the role of a prophet he told us, “Well, I think you two could be prophets! I don’t think God sent you to me, I know he did!”, resulting in a really fabulous lesson (though we are not prophets). Unfortunately, a couple of days later we received a phone call from him letting us know that he unexpectedly had to leave town for the next three weeks. Satan is still working hard but never getting us down!
Our lesson with James was all part of MIRACLE MARTES (that means Tuesday in Spanish for all my gringos out there). On that day we also had two really amazing lessons with Patti and Larry, really strong recent converts who are spiritually progressing like mad and are actively preparing to go to the temple! I have a rock solid testimony that the Book of Mormon truly does give us spiritual power. It is when we read from its pages daily that everything really does work together for our good and we grow exponentially. To top it all off, we used a bonus 15 minutes or so that we had to do some finding – with faith-filled fists we knocked on the first door and found Urline who just happened to be looking for a church! And then found ROSA who speaks SPANISH! Who also is looking for truth! The unfortunate thing about becoming a branch is that we no longer have Spanish translation. 😦 Sad day. All in all, it was a fabulous day! Many prayers were answered, much evidence was seen, and we were given even greater assurance which led to even greater ACTION this week.
I had an awesome exchange with a greenie in Royal Palm Beach during which we were blessed to find and teach a few people in Spanish! I was also blessed with 32 bug bites…. (still trying to find the silver lining on that one).
Last night we also had a couple of amazing lessons with Anne and Izzy, two of our new investigators! Anne is really open and has strong desires to read and learn from the Book of Mormon. She is so quirky and loves to talk about all sorts of interesting things she reads on the internet, but she has a strong desire to find truth and to get closer to our Father in Heaven. Izzy was basically a massive miracle delivered to our front door step and wrapped in shiny golden paper. Sisters Clegg and Montague had found him while I was exchanging in Sebastian and he had committed to church for that Sunday. We called and called to round him up for church, but he never answered so we moved on. Then, just this week we received a phone call from him telling us that his phone had been disconnected and that he wanted to come to church! We had a magnificent Restoration lesson with him. He has a lot of real intent and is preparing for his baptism in August. Woo!
I love this work. Sunday was an absolute spiritual feast at church and, even though we were sad that none of our investigators came despite having six committed to come, we were able to teach a great lesson in Gospel Principles to help our recent converts progress right along. Relief Society was all about the importance of heeding the words of the living prophet. Think about it! He asks us to do such simple things like Family Home Evening, daily scripture study, and temple worship and promises protection from danger. When Noah was the living prophet, all he told them to do was to get on a boat – take 20 simple steps and board! The instructions were simple, yet the consequences severe unto death. Similarly, today our instructions are so very simple and it is not incorrect to assume that the consequences will be equally drastic. We must follow his council if we want to withstand Satan’s flood.
While studying in Alma 31:31, a footnote led me to John 16:33! You’ll have to look up the scriptures for the awesome doctrinal flood, but what a perfect example of the Bible and the Book of Mormon supporting and clarifying one another! They truly are both the word of God and only add to the many truths that God has once again restored to the earth. I LOVE THE SCRIPTURES!
I love you too! Go share the happiness you feel because of the many blessings you have because of the Gospel of Jesus Christ! And keep going!
Sister Burdett

DSC01490The B.O.S.S. Zone!


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