Straight Milagros!

Received 8/24/10215

DSCN8025We met the REAL Santa!

DSCN8031And I rode a REAL Lamma!

A crazy week it was indeed! As you can tell from the pictures, we have been getting BUCKETS of rain every single day! There’s been quite a bit of lightning, so we’ve had to do a few quick sprints to the car to take shelter! But, the good thing about the rain is that people let you in a lot more #blessings. We had two full-day exchanges in a row with a big old Zone Conference sandwiched in-between. It’s always so good to see the old missionary friends and even better to receive some really inspired counsel from the Spirit through our President and Assistants and senior missionaries. Our whole conference was all about tiny course corrections we need to make in ourselves and our companionships in order to more fully qualify for the blessings from our Father in Heaven. It has truly been phenominal to attend these conferences and trainings throughout my mission and to have quite literally every one be exactly what we needed – how grateful am I for specific, direct, and personal revelation! I am also eternally grateful for priesthood leaders and for their calling to receive revelation on our behalf. We truly never walk alone, and neither do you!
Speaking of priesthood leaders, our Zone Leaders asked us to give them a companionship study (miniature-ish 2-on-2 trainings that we usually receive from our DLs or ZLs or Assistants) which was a big surprise, but it ended up being a really spiritual experience for all of us, even though we didn’t really know what we were doing because it was almost immediately following our crazy exchanges and we didn’t have too much time to prepare. I have definitely gained a testimony of the importance of spiritual preparation when it comes to lessons, finding, and basically everything, but fortunately I have also gained a testimony that when you’ve done everything you can do, the Lord will always provide and fill in the gaps. The Spirit is the real teacher anyway, so all we have to do is invite Him and not get in His way. 🙂
While driving around Lehigh to go to our next finding place, we felt prompted to go visit a dope YSA investigator, Isaac, that we had found and passed a few weeks ago. He happened to be home! An awesome Restoration lesson ensued. Unfortunately, the missionaries hadn’t visited or even called him yet, so thank goodness we followed the prompting to go to his house! We aren’t too keen on passing him back, just for fear of losing him again, so we got permission to teach him (YEAH!) and make the change over gradual if he wants to attend the YSA branch.
Transfers are coming up! These weeks are simply flying by. We get our phone calls a week from today, so my P-day next week will be on Tuesday (please, feel FREE to write me on Monday anyway – a fuller inbox is always much happier to login to 😉 ). President Richardson made some mysterious comments to us at Zone Conference, and we have a feeling that something crazy is about to happen to us and our Sisterhood. We’re stoked to see and have prayers in our hearts that we will not be split up!
I had to speak in church on Sunday – it was the best! Not that my talk was the best (#notthatpridefulipromise), just that I love the experience and opportunity to learn more as I share. I chose to spoke all about maintaining an eternal perspective and enduring to the end from a missionary work perspective! I got some great ideas from Rafael E. Pino’s talk from last conference (sorry, don’t know what it’s called in English), so you should probably just read that and think about sharing the gospel while you’re reading it and then maybe you’ll get my flow. Everyone on this earth is, droplet by drop, being prepared to receive the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ. You never know what comment, testimony, word of encouragement, or spiritual Facebook post could cause their bucket to overflow and lead to their baptism by the power and quthority of God. So SHARE!
Hermana Burdett

DSCN7991The Sisterhood!


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