Rejuvenating Revelation!

Received 10/5/15

General Conference. Wow.
Here are some funny moments that happened this week:
*Samuel has a lot of trouble with his eyes which leads to difficulty reading small print. We need him to read the Book of Mormon, however, and, while digging through the house we found our solution: la lupa! Yup, after presenting him with him very own copy of El Libro de Mormon, we also presented him with our other gift: a magnifying glass. We thought he was about to have a heart attack, his laughing fit was so severe. It was a special moment.
*During the same lesson, Samuel got a little bit side-tracked and started telling us all of his secrets to ‘looking young’. He told us, “Everyone always tells me that I look 40 when I’m actually 65!”. Unfortuantely I don’t have a picture for you to judge for yourselves, but you’re just going to have to take my word that Samuel does not look 40. After we left, our member, Hna. Hill, said, “I don’t know who told them that but they need a magnifying glass too!”
We have a super cool new investigator named Bairo. We met him while he was working on a house and were able to share a quick prayer with him. He didn’t seem super solid at the time, but he gave us his information so that we could meet with him again in the future. We ended up stopping by a little ‘randomly’ (that means it was a prompting) and learned that he had dated a member of the church for five years and had gone to our church on and off with her throughout the whole time. Unfortunately it didn’t end too well between them, but now he is at a point where he feels like he really needs what the Gospel has to offer him. It was a strong testimony builder of the importance of talking to everyone and to give everyone a fair opportunity to learn the Gospel, even if they seem a little lame on first contact. Now, that doesn’t mean we should sit every single person down and force them to listen to their message, but it was a good reminder for me let God be the judge of men and to never write anyone off just because of a first impression.
I received some exciting news this weekend! Gigi, a woman I was teaching back in March when I was in Coral Springs, was just baptized! We helped her fiance return to activity in May and then I got transferred and never heard anything more. She is one of many people I have learned about throughout the course of my mission that I had the privilege to teach and were then later baptized by the current missionaries. No effort is wasted.
Michael Jackson shocked the world (well, mostly just us) and came to the last session of General Conference on Sunday! He loved it and the whole time when Elder Christofferson was talking he just kept saying, “Habla bien bonito!” We still don’t really know how best to help him and are seeking some serious spiritual guidance in that department. Keep him in your prayers.
The best was saved for last. General Conference time! Wow, I received so many answers that were poignant and powerful. I particularly connected with the words of President Uchtdorf whose main message to me was to not overcomplicate our discipleship. One of the questions I had prepared preceeding conference concerned how I could make these final few months of my mission the most successful in all departments: the most spiritual, the happiest, the most productive, etc. The very first talk given absolutely destroyed my question: all Heavenly Father requires of my is consistency. I don’t need to go crazy in doing all sorts of new ideas and projects to make this time the best time. I just need to be consistently obedient, diligent, and give Him my best. He doesn’t require anything more.
Elder Lawrence also spoke a lot to my soul. The Spirit is the most honest companion. He will tell us sincerely what we need to hear in order to improve, but he will never discourage us. He will never give us more than we can handle. I also noted the importance of asking the Lord what more we can do, but also the necessity of following through. Receiving the guidance is one thing, but if we don’t choose to act upon it, what good is it to receive it? Just do it! In the words of my Coral Springs WML, Bro. Ray, “Like Nike”.
Elders Holland and Nelson gave some powerful talks as well that definitely deserve a reread, as well as the new apostles called, Elders Stevenson, Rasband, and Renlund.
And I love you too.
Hermana Burdett


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