Received 9/28/15

Hola mis socios!
Ana is AWESOME! Unfortunately, she has kidney stones, so it’s been a pretty rough week for her and she wasn’t able to make it to church again because of some complications. We had another pretty great lesson with her, however, and she is excited to be a member of the Church. Both members that we’ve brought to teach her have included in their testimonies how they were called to teach in the Primary (with the little chillens) right after their baptism, and now she is convinced that that is her destiny. She’s already preparing for her first calling! Pray that she gets well soon.
Our miracle-man of the week is named Samuel. He is positively hilarious. He said the closing prayer to finish one of our earlier lessons with him and in it asked Heavenly Father to please bless these “POBRES muchachas”! We’re not really sure quite what he meant by that, but we loved it. He’s an interesting little gordito whose family is still in Mexico. He came to earn money and sends it to them to support them. SO MANY of the men we teach are doing this. We find houses full to the brim of men like this. It is sad, but it is admirable when they are that dedicated to their family. Anyway, he always keeps us laughing with his funny comments and perspective. It’s gotten to the point where Sis. Ferrari and I can’t make eye contact with each other during our lessons with him because we just start laughing. He came to church and loved it and is preparing to be baptized this October! The only problem is that he is without a car… pray that we’ll be able to find a long-term solution for that!
While knocking doors this week, we saw a group of three women talking on a front porch. Not really thinking anything of it, we naturally walked up to them and offered to share a card. The woman I tried to offer it to just stared at me and then…. the JW Chuckle was born. Yup, they were a pair of Jehovah’s Witnesses teaching a woman on her front porch. Whoops! She made some intense eye contact and could only let out a “heh….heh….hehe..”, so I instead turned to the woman they were teaching and she gladly accepted it. It was a special moment for us all. #onlyonthemission
Yesterday we prayed with a wonderful Pentecostal pastor and he was extremely warm and gracious to us. After the prayer he began to say, “You know I’m reminded of a story in the Bible when Abraham…”, and a flash of dread ran through our hearts because we thought he was going to try to Bible-bash with us, but then he ended up telling us about when Abraham receives three holy men and wants to serve them (see Genesis 18:1-8). He said, “I don’t know if I can offer to wash your feet, but I can offer you a Sprite if you’ll accept it!” We gladly did. Bless him.
We saw so many miracles with our members this week! We had three families that asked us to come teach their non-member family members and were able to have really good experiences with them! Heavenly Father really blessed us a lot this week and we were able to accomplish nearly all of the goals we set. It was awesome! As a direct result of these visits, however, we come home every day with some very full yantas (in other words, fat rolls on our tum) ;).
A funny Ferrari experience:
Sis. Ferrari was on the phone with our District Leader, telling him a story about her sister. It went a little something like this.
F: …so I told her, “Bring your bikini!”
Burd: Swimsuit.
F: Jumpsuit.
Burd: swimwuit.
Oh, the joys of learning a language. I can’t even tell you how many mistakes I still make in Spanish, but we’ll just leave it at, they are MANY.
I loved Sister Wixom’s “I am a child of God, therefore _____!” Sentence/challenge. As children of the most powerful being in the universe, our potential is endless!
I also loved Sis. McConkie’s comment of the 100-year old woman who said that her secret to longevity was, “I repent every day.” – what a powerful testimony of the power of frequent exercise of the atonement!
And Pres. Uchtdorf’s story of Aunt Rose touched my heart. Wish I had more time to tell about it.
Hermanita Burdett


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